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Detailing Packages

***Prices depend on condition of the vehicle. Package Prices are a Price Starting Point. 

Additional charges will apply depending on factors such as 

Family Vehicle, Deep Cleaning, Deep Cleaning for Spills/Stains, Deep Cleaning for Excessive Dirt/Trash, Pet Hair Removal, Nicotine Stains, Etc. 

*Please note that if your vehicle has not been detailed in the past 12 months or it is used on a daily basis, it will require a Deep Cleaning. 

*We provide a Basic Vacuuming of the Interior with our Detail Packages. This does not include a Deep Vacuum Cleaning. 

***Please Remove Belongings from vehicle prior to vehicle pick up or in-home detailing. We will not remove personal belongings from Center Console, Glove Compartment or Trunk for liability purposes.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Basic Detail

For General upkeep 

after full detail 


For General upkeep  after full detail 

Approximately 1-1.5 hours

Package includes-

Exterior Wash & Dry, Windows, Clean & Wash of Rims & Tires, Light Vacuuming of Interior and Floor Mats (Trunk, Center Console and Glove Compartment not included), Light Wipe down of Interior (Dash and Console Area Only), Deodorizer

Prices starting at-

Cars- $75

Small SUV- $80

Mid-size SUV (5 passenger)


Mid-size SUV +5 Passenger/ Minivan- $100

Large SUV/ Pickup Trucks- $110

Exterior Only Package-

Exterior Wash & Dry, Bug Removal, Windows, 

Clean & Wash of Rims & Tires, 

Tire Shine, Rim Restoration, 

3 Step Machine Buffing

(Compound, Glaze, Wax)

Cars/Small SUV  Starting at $225+

Compact/Mid-size SUV 

Starting at $275+

Large SUV/Pickup Trucks 

Starting at $325+

Interior Only Package-

Approximately  2-4 hours

Vacuuming of Interior

(Floor Mats, Entire Interior, Trunk)

Deep Clean & Dressing of Interior Vinyl and Plastic, Center Console, Cup Holders, Interior Windows,

Shampoo of Floor Mats & Seats,


Cars/Small SUV Starting at $130+

Compact/Mid-size SUV (5 passenger) Starting at $170+

Pick-up Trucks Starting at $190+

Large SUV Starting at $215+

Depending on condition of vehicle, additional Deep Clean fee may apply

-Leather seat additional $20

-Pet hair removal additional fee $30 and up


Full Detail 

Best Package


Approximately 3.5-5 hours

Package includes-

Basic Exterior Wash & Dry, Hand Wax, Interior/Exterior Windows, Clean/Wash & Dressing of Rims & Tires,  Tire Shine, 

 Basic Vacuuming of  Interior 

(Floor Mats, Carpet, Seats, Trunk)

 Clean & Dressing of Interior Vinyl, Plastic, Center Console,



Small Subcompact Cars

Starting at- $120

Ex: Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Fiat, Mitsubishi Mirage 

Sedans Starting at- $130

Ex: Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Chevy Malibu

Wagon/Small SUV 

Starting at- $150

Ex: Kia Soul, Rav 4,  Subaru Outback


Compact/Mid-size SUV

Starting at- $160-$170

Ex: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Murano, Kia Sorento, Ford Edge

Mid-Size SUV w/ 3rd Row & Minivans 

Starting at- $180-200

Ex: GMC Acadia, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander,  Ford Explorer, 

Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica

Large SUV/Pickup Trucks

Starting at- $220

Ex: Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade, Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma

Large SUV 9 Passenger/ Pickup w/ Extended Cabin

Starting at- $250 and up

Ex: Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon Denali XL, Ford F-150 XLT Supercab, Ford-F350

**Please Note these Prices may Change/Vary as some Older/Newer Model Vehicles change in Size and may have less/more Compartments and Larger Trunks. 

Prices subject to change without prior notice


Light Detail

Light Detail is a service for EXISTING & LOCAL CUSTOMERS ONLY 


Approximately 20 mins-40mins

Light detailing  

Package includes-

Exterior Wash, Dry, 

 Clean and Wash of Rims & Tires,

 Light Vacuuming (floor mats only) 


For larger vehicles please call for pricing.

Additional Services-

Disinfecting/ Steam Cleaning- 

Starting at $20+

Only with Full Detail/Interior Only Packages

(Includes Spraying Interior of Vehicle with Disinfectant Spray and Steam Cleaning Interior) 

Machine Buffing Package- 

Starting at $100+ 

When added to Full Detail

(​Helps to restore Paint Shine and Removes/Reduces Light Scratches & Swirls) 

Leather Conditioning- $20

This service is added to all vehicles with Leather Seats.

Headlight Restoration- 


(Removes/reduces dulling & yellowing)

Engine Bay Cleaning-$25

(For car dealerships only)

Rim Restoration-$20-$30

(Removes excessive brake dust/ stubborn rust/ oxidation)


***Additional services can be added to Basic and Full detail packages.


***No substitutions of these 

additional  services for services included in detail packages.